Our Offering

Personal Insurance

Whether you have the latest gadgets in your home or carry it around with you, your home, cars, and any other high value assets such as your holiday home, motor cycle, caravan etc, are vulnerable to accidents.

Whether you need to protect your assets against theft or knowing that you can replace or repair your assets should something unexpected happen, Nu Era STI has a range of Domestic short term insurance products, that will be customised to replace all those assets that you hold dear, at an affordable premium.

If you have the following group or individual assets, we can arrange cover to ensure that life’s mishaps do not set you back:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Household Contents
  • All Risk
  • Motor
  • Any other specialist needs

Business Insurance

Any business owner works hard to increase profitability within his concern. Should you have a disaster or catastrophe, all the efforts and hard work that have been put into building the business will be lost.

In order to sustain any losses and be remunerated for any accidents caused that disrupt the business in any way, we at Nu Era STI, will be able to customise an Insurance package that will be both affordable and add value to your risk concern.

A standard business policy will entail:

  • Fire
  • Office Contents
  • Business Interruption
  • Theft
  • Money
  • Motor
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Business All Risk
  • Any other specialist needs

Funeral Insurance

Nu Era markets and administers funeral group schemes.

We arrange underwriting for schemes, collect premiums, settle claims and ultimately manage the risk on the schemes.

Part of our service is to settle claims within 24 hours. In all the above endevours, we strive to exceed the standards of excellence set by our industry as well as that of the corporate environment in which we find ourselves. Our typical group scheme clients would be:

  • funeral parlours
  • brokers
  • churches
  • burial societies
  • stockvels
  • unions
  • companies
  • any affinity group that needs funeral cover.

We administer both voluntary and compulsory group schemes.