About Us

About Us

Established in 1999, the Nu Era Group is one of just a handful of truly black-empowered companies within the financial services industry, that fully understands the intricacies of both emerging and established markets. To ensure optimum service and product delivery, the ethos of the Nu Era Group is guided strictly by four key complimentary Performance Pillars, which are:

Customer Focus

Everything we do is directed towards the satisfaction of present and future customers: listening to, and understanding their needs and expectations, responding fairly and living up to our commitments.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our business practice. We will conduct our affairs in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards. We will engage in fair and honest business practices.


Everyone must be considered as an individual. We respect their dignity and recognise their merit. We recognise and acknowledge the value and contribution of each person, be it internal or external customers.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We will strive to exceed the standards of excellence, pursue partnership to achieve common goals, build responsibility for quality in every function and build continuous learning and teaching in our organisation.

Maintaining optimum standards of corporate governance is crucial to sustain business leadership. To this end, all companies within the Nu Era Group have the highest level of accredation and/or certification from relevant industry regulatory bodies:

  • Nu Era Fund Administrators is an authorised Financial Services Provider offering tailor-made group funeral and associated death benefits.
  • Nu Era Academy is an Insenta accredited Provider of Quality Education and Training Services that enables financial service providers to meet their future academic requirements.
  • Nu Era Short Term Insurance brokers, specialists in Corporate, Commercial and Domestic Insurance.

Our Mission

Nu Era Group will provide a service with a difference by offering a competitive rate and still maintain a high standard of quality. We are committed to strategic and quality management, and will ensure the long term financial security and viability of our groups schemes and individual clients.

Our Vision

Nu Era Group will empower people by delivering the best financial offerings for their needs and also offering it in a way that makes people feel counted and valued.